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"I cannot thank you enough for making my job easier, this stuff is absolutely amazing!"  Carly - dog groomer                                       

About our products

Secret Weapon Intense is a British made handcrafted product. This versatile concentrate dematting product contains natural PH & ION regulators plus natural oils and vitamins. Ultimutt Intense works to moisturise the skin and hair and detangle the coat whilst also brightening, volumising and speeding up the drying process. Our Intense range is anti-static, non greasy and organic.   Great as a stand-alone product or used with our Secret Weapon Shampoos and Tangle Tamer Coat Saver for super detangle and coat care power. 

Tangle Tamer Hypoallergenic Silicone Free detangle and conditioning spray

Tangle Tamer is our newest detangle product. Created here in the UK Tangle Tamer is great for those who prefer not to use silicone in thier grooming products.  Tangle Tamer contains nourishing oils and hydrating ingredients to help detangle and condition, its anti-static qualities will give you the best silky finish to every groom.   Tangle Tamer compliments Secret Weapon Intense beautifully. 

Hypknotic Hypoallergenic detangle spray

Hypknotic Hypoallergenic detangle spray is a anti-static versatile detangling product containing Argan, Camellia Seed and Sweet Almond oil plus a mild water soluble silicone. Hypknotic helps you to remove knots and matts painlessly from your pets coat.

Hypknotic can be used alongside Secret Weapon Intense dematt conditioner both products compliment each other beautifully.   You can use Hypknotic as a stand alone product to detangle protect and condition the coat.

Use Hypknotic on a wet or dry coat when grooming or between grooms as a detangle and brushing spray.  No sticky build up or residue so you can use Hypknotic as often as needed and at the very next bath it all washes completely out of the coat. Hypknotic is suitable for those who prefer to use vegan products.

Repel Dirt Debris and Sticky Snowballs


All of our grooming products will protect the coat and are very effective for repelling dirt and debris. Simply use Hypknotic or Tangle Tamer to spray the dogs body, legs and tail before your daily walk in the woods, park or out in the snow!  just imagine no more sticky snowballs to deal with. Anything collected in the coat will brush out easily. Also great for preventing knots occuring on longer haired or curly dogs that wear 'fleece' type coats.

We know how important the health of your pet is to you and we don't use anything in our products that we wouldn't use on ourselves.  All of our products are '100% Human grade' meaning only the very best ingredients are used to promote optimum skin and coat health.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you know you have an allergy to certain ingredients you can request our MSDS (safety data sheets) to check the ingredient content before you buy.

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