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HYPKNOTIC  Detangle Spray

HYPKNOTIC Detangle Spray

Artikelnummer: HYP250

Easy to use for an every day detangle and brush out.

Our best selling product! Perfect for dogs and cats also for use on horses. No sticky residue left in the coat no matter how often you use it. Fantastic for ongoing coat maintenance.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Adds shine
  • Anti-static
  • No added colour
  • No nasty silicones
  • Laboratory tested
  • Natural oils and vitamins
  • Gentle formula suitable for all coat/skin types

** Check out our Hypknotic Concentrate formula, each 50ml makes 1L of ready to use spray.

  • About Hypknotic

    Hypknotic hypoallergenic detangle spray is anti-static and unlike any other other silicone based product you will have used before because it contains a 'water soluble silicone' which means no matter how often you use it there is absolutely no sticky build up in the coat and at the very next bath Hypknotic will wash straight out so every application is just like the first.

    Did you know our Fragrance Free version of Hypknotic is safe for use on Cats!

    Hypknotic also helps to repel dirt and debris from the coat - before his daily walk simply spray the legs tummy and anywhere else that collects debris, you'll find that there considerably less debris in the coat and anything that is picked up will brush out easily. 

    Use on a wet or a dry coat, during, after and between grooms. 


    • 250ml 
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