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Flairosol Spray Bottle

Flairosol Spray Bottle

Artikelnummer: FL300
Preisab 6,25£

Save product and Save time with this ultra-fine mist spray bottle.  Featuring a self-pressurising atomiser to deliver a continuous fine mist spray.  Ideal for a wide variety of uses as awell as Dog Grooming use it throughout the home, office or workplace including beauty, cosmetics, cleaning and more.

Delivers an aerosol-like spray without using a pressurised container or hazardous propellants. A great eco-friendly alternative to aerosol spray bottles.

Delivers a consistent spray that applies evenly across the surface. Each press provides a sustained mist that lasts for 1.2 seconds and dispenses exactly 1.25ccs of liquid which can be applied from any angle, even upside down.

Genuine Flairosol product designed in Holland. A premium quality trigger with a comfortable ergonomic grip that’s completely reusable. Easy to refill with a leakproof quick-release mechanism. Simply fill with your favourite spray products. Please note the 3ooml has a black lid and a soft body. The 500ml is all white with a rigid body.

  • Flairosol Fine Mist Spray Bottle 300ml & 500ml
  • Pressurising atomiser delivers ultra fine mist spray
  • Continuous and consistent even spray
  • Use at all angles – even upside down
  • Aerosol free & environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for a wide variety of applications
  • Perfect for detangling sprays, misting plants, cleaning products
  • Ergonomic grip reduces hand-fatigue with regular use
  • Leak proof quick-release locking trigger head
  • Premium quality reusable design
  • Easily refillable
  • A NEW WAY TO SPRAY! Re-usable & economical

    Perfect for salons and pet owners.

    With a virtually silent spray action that even works upside down! Complete coverage from start to finish. 

    How does it work? – The Flairosol spray mechanism has been engineered to deliver a fine continuous mist spray which covers large areas very quickly and evenly in all directions from the first to the very last drop, there is no wastage with a Flairosol bottle and thanks to its mist-like delivery the bottle works more effectively making your product last 30% longer before each refill than with traditional spray bottles.

    Upgrade to a Flairosol bottle today and save time, money & product.

    All the power of an aerosol without the gases.

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