How to use Secret Weapon?


Secret weapon is highly concentrated making it a very versatile product to use in the salon or at home.  Use it straight from the bottle added to your grooming shampoos or dilute it and used as a spray and leave-in product.


Using with undiluted Shampoo - this is usually professional grooming shampoo


  • Regular dilution shampoo between 10-1 and 20-1  add 12.5ml (or two and a half teaspoons) of Secret Weapon per 1L of undiluted shampoo

  • Higher dilution shampoo between  30-1 and 50-1 add 15ml (or three teaspoons) of Secret Weapon per 1L of undiluted shampoo 

  • Dilute and use your shampoos as usual.


 If you prefer to dilute your shampoo first, then add Secret Weapon to the mix, that’s fine too.


  • Regular dilution add approximately 2ml - 3ml (or a quarter teaspoon) per litre of diluted mix shampoo

  • Higher dilution add approximately 5ml - 8ml (or half a teaspoon) per litre of diluted mix shampoo


To make and use Secret Weapon as a Detangle spray – 200ml example

  • add 10ml (or 2 teaspoons) of concentrate to distilled or pre-boiled warm water, shake well to blend then use.

How to use Ultimutt Intense

 Ultimutt Intense is produced here in the UK and is a moisturising dematt conditioner that can be added to your grooming shampoos to make a 2-in-1 or worked through the coat after shampooing.  The dematting power of Ultimutt Intense is so good you can use it between Secret Weapon treatments to keep the coat matt free and moisturised 

How Do I Use Hypknotic

The ingredients used in Hypknotic are different to those used in Secret Weapon because Hypknotic works in a different way to release knots and matts by coating the outside of each individual hair with nutrient rich oils to loosen knots making brushing so much easier and leaving a beautiful silky shine on the coat. 

Hypknotic can be used on a wet or dry coat. Simply spray the coat and brush through, remember to lift the coat spraying and brushing down in layers if the coat is particularly heavy or thick.

Hypknotic is available in 2 different versions:

1. a handy ready to use solution 250ml spray bottle

2. a concentrate that you add to warm pre-boiled or distilled water to make your own spray.


Using Secret Weapon & Hypknotic together


Secret Weapon and Hypknotic make the job of grooming dogs and cats a much easier and faster process by hydrating the coat and releasing knots from the coat during drying.  You can see several videos of this process on our International Facebook group  'Secret Weapon product Users' 


Best results are achieved by initially using a High Velocity dryer to blast any knots or loose hair from the coat then fluff drying with a slicker brush and finishing dryer . 


For more information on using our products please click the icon to join our International Facebook page: Secret Weapon Product Users where you will find lots of advice, photos and drying videos.  The MSDS are also available for download click the FB link :