Secret Weapon 'Try me' Duo

Secret Weapon 'Try me' Duo


Secret Weapon Grooming products 'Try me Duo' is the perfect introduction to Easier Grooming. With this 50ml bottle of Secret Weapon Xtra and 100ml bottle of Hypknotic Hypoallergenic detangle spray you'll have enough product to last you for several grooms and once you see how easily the knots fly out will wonder how you ever groomed without them! 

Simply add a tiny dose of the concentrate to your shampoo and wash as normal. 


If you use dilutable grooming shampoo you'll be amazed to know that this 50ml of Secret Weapon Concentrate is enough to add to 4 Litres of undiluted grooming shampoo .... so if your shampoo dilutes 10-1 this 50ml Concentrate will serve 40 Litres of shampoo 

Each Try me duo arrives with how to use information.

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